What is disinfectant liquid JA-99?

JA-99 disinfection liquid which kills 99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria. Suitable liquid for disinfectant atomizer fog machine. Safe, Eco-Friendly and Highly Effective.

Can JA-99 be used on skin?

It’s best use for surface disinfection. As 1:100 water based, it’s tested safe on human skin. 

Ready stock? Ship from where?

Yes. Ready stock and ship from Malaysia. 

What is the Active ingredient?

Water >95%,Quaternary Ammonia Compund<0.3%

How long to deliver?

We delivery by next business day upon payment confirmation. Delivery time will depends on logistic which is around 2-3 days. May be longer due to MCO/CMCO

Why choose JA-99

Environment friendly product and safe to use
Tested treatment to kill viruses and microorganism in an environment
Tested process which will improve the general air quality and remove any foul odor
This is water based chemical and there will be no wet surface of stick residue
Atomizer covers area hand and wipes cannot reach

How long can 100ml last per session?

Around 5-10 minutes per 100ml.

How does the warranty work?

We do not have warranty on the product.

We have 7 days return upon purchased should the device reach user with problem. 

Should you require further warranty, please contact us via the contact page.